Blessing Day!

19 Th10


Tulip Châu Sa

Dear Auntie Tiểu Thảo Trần Tường Vi,
It was raining this morning up here in Ohio, the weather is getting colder and colder… after morning prayers, while my soul listened to The Worship Video that you recorded last Sunday from Vietnamese Church in Dallas and posted them on your blog (dedicated to me!), I sat still on a warm, comfort bed and knitted a scarf… I really did not want to get out of my…bed 🙂

when I was listening to…

Calvin Chương asked, “why are you keep listening to the same worship songs, mom!?”  I looked at him, responded, “Because, I believe this is something Jesus Christ sent to me through HIS wonderful people.  Don’t you think mom needs to listen to this, sweet heart!?”.  Calvin’s eyes paused on mine for a couple seconds, I explained, “furthermore, this is a special spiritual gift from my soul mate, she knows if I listen to it, I can feel much better and  will have Joy in my heart.”  Stopped pausing his eyes, Calvin said, “Yes, you definitely need it.  I totally understand what you meant, Mom.”

Thanks again, Bạn Hiền!  They’re so wonderful, beautiful, powerful songs for my soul.  The more I listen to these songs, the more I miss our Vietnamese Church…I wish I could sing and listen to the preaching in Vietnamese-our mother language, about our Heavenly Father every Sunday! Oh, I wish…just a wish… 😦


Regarding to your diet goal (mine too) that you mentioned: No sugar, no fatty oil, no chemical foods, no MSG (we never use it anyways 🙂 ), not too much wheat…etc., I digged from my… (Playground) kitchen and found Thai Cuisine, I would encourage you to consider your new diet with lots of good support sources from Thai Cuisine. In 3 more days I’ll be completed my 40 DAYS OF PRAYER, then I may go back to study more about Thai Cuisine, I will teach my daughter and my niece learn how to cook Thai Food.  They should learn something new and good from our Asian Food culture, specificity is Thai Cuisine. 



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