A Prayer Against Fear and Greed

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Tulip Châu Sa

A Prayer Against Fear And Greed
By January 6, 2013

After these things the word of the LORD came to Abram in a vision: “Fear not, Abram, I am your shield; your reward shall be very great.” —Genesis 15:1

For me

Let’s understand the importance of this promise! Four powerful kings of the north plundered the five kings of the south (near the Dead Sea) and carried off all the treasures of the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah.

When Abraham learned that Lot was among the captives, he rallied 318 troops and pursued the attackers all the way north to Dan (about 140 miles!). Then he continued his pursuit all the way to Hobah (another 100 miles!). In a night attack, he rescued the plundered possessions as well as the frightened captives— Lot among them.

As for the king of Sodom, he was so grateful to Abraham for bravely rescuing the people from his city, he said he wanted only his people returned to him. As for the possessions, Abraham could keep them for himself. But Abraham refused this offer saying he didn’t want the king of Sodom to be able to say that he made Abraham rich. Abraham was trusting God alone for any wealth he might receive.

This leads us to the promise of Genesis 15:1.

God gave these words to Abraham because: (1) Abraham might be tempted to live in fear that the kings he’d defeated might retaliate and organize a raid against him. Furthermore, (2) because he’d just said no to a great deal of wealth that could have legitimately been his, God said that He would reward Abraham.

Indeed, the Lord Himself would be Abraham’s reward. What an encouragement these words were!

Let’s take the promise God gave Abraham and adapt it as a prayer for someone we love—someone who is experiencing a time of doubt and fear. And, let us pray it for ourselves too.

Let Us Pray

Father, I pray today for my children, Calvin Chương and Teri Thy. I pray that You’ll be a shield to them, protecting them spiritually and physically. Let no evil person do harm against them. Also, personally, guard their emotions from the enemy of fear and doubt. I pray that they will rest in Your promise of protection and that their hearts will be filled with a quiet confidence that You are with them, beside them. Help them to flee to You as their refuge and strength. Replace fear with trust and peace.

Also, I pray that they might be kept from the greed that would spoil their relationship with You. Like Abraham protect them from foolish “Get Rich Quick” schemes or using deceit to earning money.  Above all, let us be motivated to seek Your face and not just ask for blessings from Your hand. Let us all be faithful and content with You as our great reward.

I pray in the powerful name of Jesus. Amen. 


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