I Miss You!

15 Th12


Tulip Châu Sa


I texted my loved brother who is living in Dalat City last night to see if he is still in our home town with my Mother, he texted me back: “Baby, please take your time to call our Mother more often like you did before, she wears a worried look at all times just because of you and your kids.”

I called my Mother yesterday morning, talked to her for about an hour; I told her I am doing so GREAT. God takes a good care of us; I am no longer living in darkness that Satan used me for his dirty game in last 14 years and whoever related to me was also being used by Satan. I admitted to her that I have to leave these persons fighting with Satan themselves because they do not want to rely on God for this battle, they also refuse the existing of HIM.

I told my Mother that my kids are doing excellent at school. My Mother said, every day, she prays for all her children and grandchildren who’re living in the United State that they will faithfully follow God and love the Lord Jesus Christ dearly each day.

Last night, after I completed decorating my Christmas tree, I took my souvenir treasure box out . I looked at 3 Christmas ornaments: “Our First Christmas 2000”, “My First Christmas 2001” (for Theresa) and “My first Christmas 2002” (for Calvin). My heart was frozen. Time really flown by so fast…


I looked at the beautiful ring (real 24k Gold) for a minute, and then I putted it on my finger. I roll the ring around my finger, in tears, I cried out “Mother! Oh Mother!” I remember I refused to have this gift when my Mother gave it to me before she left me to go back to my homeland in July 2011. But then my Mother said: “This is my love to stay with you, dear. I should put this ring on your finger on your wedding day…but we were apart from ocean distance…I could not do that for you on important day of your life!” Suddenly, I opened my hands, received the ring with all my grateful heart…

I thought about how my Mother shaped me, encouraged me, love me unconditionally. She is the strongest person that I have ever known. I am amazed by her.

As I kept rolling the ring on my finger; my mind went back to the images of my Mother, her words and her softly touches washed over me. My heart needed my Mother right at that moment. I wanted to kiss her, hold her tight and say “I love you, Mother! I am so proud and feel so BLESSED that you are my Mother. I am so very grateful for our conversation this morning!”… But, my Mother was not here with me, she is in my homeland far far away…

The joy that it brings when I hear my Mother’s happy voice and the bond that we share as Mother and daughter even though we’re apart from each other. My Mother and I are grateful to God for His blessing.

I never thought I’d say it with so so so much honestly, nostalgia, and love all rolled into one …I really miss my Mother much more than I did before…EVER!


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