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“Mom! I Got In The Team!”


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“Mom! I Got In The Team!”

SONY DSCTheresa with her friends and Music Teacher.
Picture was taken by Mom in last Memorial’s Day Performance.

After trying so hard at couple Volleyball Clubs but could not get in any teams, Theresa did not give up.  Mom tried to help Thi to search around, ask people who know very well about Volleyball Clubs around the town, Mr. Andy and Mrs. Lisa advised Mom to register for Thi Thi at ZENITH VOLLEYBALL ACADEMY.  To support Thi’s tryout this time, Mom decided not to join with the Church in the Event Trunk R Treat last night as planned. 

After 3 hours tryout so hard, from 6PM-9PM (Not 6-7 as the email form Zenith mentioned), finally, Thi Thi made the team.  Jessie (Thi’s best friend) and Thi made the best team at this time.  Mom’s so proud of you Thi Thi.  I will support you.  I will try to adjust my schedule at work more flexible in order for me to be your driver for your Volleyball Games every Mondays and Wednesdays at Zenith Volleyball Academy.  Mom needs to call your Music Teacher, Mrs. Leslie to re-schedule your Music class so it won’t conflict with your Volleyball weekly practice on Mondays.

Thi! Try your best, be confident at all times. Pray to Jesus before every game start, so He will give you strength and be with you always.  That’s all you need to be a fair player in the team.

I Wish you success, my Sweetie!  I love you!

Thi’s Volleyball Tournament (Second Quarter)